Natural Park of San Rossore

Riding through the pine woods between deer, wild boar and horses.

Natural Park of San Rossore

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(6 KM or about 15 minutes from our bike rental shop, plan 2 hours to visit)

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Natural park of San Rossore is near to the Piazza dei Miracoli (4 km) and it is dominated by pine woods (maritime and stone pine) and wetlands.

The variety of natural environments (dunes, sandy shores, hygrophile forests, expanses of Mediterranean scrub, farmed areas) and the presence of water (marshes, canals, lake, rivers, ponds) are the elements that shape and distinguish San Rossore Park.In turn, this variety determines the wealth and diversity of animal and plant species.

Birdlife is incredibly prosperous, with many sedentary, migratory and nesting species (purple heron, mallard, marsh harrier); there is also a strong presence of deer and wild boar and other smaller mammals such as foxes, porcupines, dormice, badgers and squirrels.

The flora of the park includes rarities such as the drosera, or sundew (a small carnivorous plant), the silk vine (a rare liana), the swamp orchid, the pink hibiscus and the Florida fern.

Traditional activities include farming, gathering of pine nuts and cattle and sheep breeding. One of the strongest traditions is horse racing, with the race course of San Rossore, which is very well attended in the racing season. Possibilities to taste some products of the Park are inside in “La bottega del Parco” and in some local bars and restaurants.

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