Medicean Aqueduct

Pedaling on white roads from the aqueduct to the source of Monti Pisani.

Medicean Aqueduct

(Cycling paths make this a pleasant family outing, 16 km round trip, duration: 1 hour)

  • SELF GUIDED TOUR including 1 bike mount holder for smartphone + 1 itinerary € 9 (from 2 to 6 people)  + Trekking bike   € 25 per person
  • GUIDED TOUR from €54 per person ( min 4 people)

*Supplement of €13 for E-bike

The Medicean aqueduct runs for 6 km from Pisa to Asciano, with its arches of different size and height. It supplies water coming directly from the natural sources in the Pisan hills, and it is reserved for drinking and cooking use.

Its building started in around 1588 and completed in 1613.
It has 954 arches and a channel on the top where water flows.
It is a rare example of well preserved architecture and with its cycling path you will start from the town to proceed to the countryside of Pisa having an overlook of Monti Pisani, sunflowers, cypresses and wheat fields!

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