Biking in Tuscany is an ideal option for cycling enthusiasts of all levels, whether you’re looking to pedal calmly along the gentle lanes of this beautiful region, or to challenge yourself on the very same hills that cycling legends—including Bartali, Cipollini and Bettini—have trained on, Tuscany can truly be said to be a land of cyclists, and much, much more.

Low Difficulty

Bike tour for all people, most of the itinerary is on a flat road, it can be done by people who are not avid cyclists.

Middle Difficulty

A more rigorous tour for those experienced cyclists who enjoy a more challenging route with hilly terrain.

Self Guided Tour

Independent tours by e-bikes or classic bikes using a simple app and bike mount holder that allows you to have the freedom and flexibility necessary for an unforgettable adventure in Tuscany!

See our “Bike Tour” or ask us for a customized tour.

Folder Bike Tour

“The true voyage of discovery consists not in the searching out new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

With our folder bikes you can have the possibility to visit different towns of Tuscany moving very easily from Pisa train station, using the train without paying any supplement for the bike! We give you ideas below of the towns you can visit and the most important places you can see using the combination bike + train from Pisa train station.


A great way to start exploring Lucca is to start with a ride along the old city walls, Lucca’s most distinctive element known worldwide since they are the only ones to be completely accessible by bike o on foot. This means over 4  kilometers of panoramic ride overlooking the city of Lucca and those secret corners that you won’t be able to discover by walking through the tiny streets of the old city center.


Florence embodies the intellectual, artistic and cultural center of Tuscany… maybe even Italy. A visit to Tuscany could not be complete without a ride around Florence, photos from Piazzale Michelangelo, a stop at Ponte Vecchio and a stroll along the Arno River.  . To truly taste the flavor of Florence, one needs to enjoy a gelato in Piazza del Duomo, inhale the perfume of leather at the markets and eat a bistecca Fiorentina in the shade of Palazzo Pitti.


(train stop to Viareggio, Camaiore, Pietrasanta)

You can follow a cycling path along the sea to Forte dei Marmi! In Viareggio you can visit the daily market in Piazza Cavour, very interesting to see “La Cittadella and its Museum of Carnival”, and the fish market in Viale Europa, next to the dockyard. We advise a tour of Torre del Lago Puccini, 5 km from Viareggio, where you can take the train to go back to Pisa.


Here is a typical thermal bath of Tuscany, by bike make a tour of Viale Verdi and Montecatini Alto.


It’s wall dating from the Middle Ages, the Cathedral of San Zeno, the Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas, the main square with a Cathedral and a bell-tower, Piazza della sala and Palazzo Pretorio.


Plenty of places to see! Piazza della Repubblica, the new Fortress, Venezia quartiere, the Cathedral, the covered market, the Church of San Ferdinando, Piazza del Padiglione with 4 mori opposite the old harbour, and Terrazza Mascagni along the sea.

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