About Us

Our vision of cycling is: pedal, discover... smile!

About Us


As seasoned tour cyclists our mission at Smile & Ride is to offer you a complete, seamless service so that you can enjoy the unique experience of this enchanting region with all its unique history, culture and cuisine. We decided to start our company motivated by the idea that anyone starting a business of this kind needs the necessary enthusiasm and energy – we believe any business activity has the responsibility to help improve the world in which it operates.


In order to improve continuously, we will:

  • Observe your suggestions
  • Be innovative
  • Create quality friendship with our customers and collaborate with our partners
  • Promote sports as the basis of a healthy life
  • Impact positively to our environment
  • Be a good example to others
  • Provide every client with a positive emotion and nice memory


To me a bicycle represents freedom and happiness.

Ciao! I’m Elena,
I always enjoyed learning new languages and meeting other people from different countries, and this has given me insight into seeing things from a different perspective as well as other cultures.
I followed the specialized training in “Expert cycling mobility promoter” at the University in Verona and afterwards I got involved with a new job concerning bike tourism. I like to help people to find what they need to fall in love with cycling, just like I did, discovering the best places and having a great experience in Tuscany.
I ‘m super interested in promoting women and intersectionality in cycling.
For this reason I decided to be host for the town of Pisa, of the “Fancy women bike ride”, an international cycling event, to promote cycling among women, using this means as transport during their daily life, as symbol of their freedom.
So, let’s meet at Smile&Ride, it will be my pleasure!
Ci vediamo a Pisa!


To me a bicycle represents an opportunity to travel and explore both near and distant shores!

Ciao! I am Mario. I have always been passionate about sport and outdoor life. Over the last ten years, with a small group of close friends, I have visited many parts of Europe as part of our cycle tours, that you can see in this blog:
I am delighted to report that our cycling activities, have been transformed into a worthy cause, fund raising for research into cystic fibrosis, going by the name of “PedalaPerUnRespiro” (www.pedalaperunrespiro.it).
It will be my pleasure to share with you my knowledges, to support your bike experience in Tuscany.

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